Saturday, November 19, 2005


President Bush says "we will stay in the course in Iraq and our troops will achieve victory." Did I dream it or didn't he already declare victory?

Yesterday was another bloody day in Iraq. As Iraq's Shia interior minister tried to play down reports of torture committed by his government insurgents were attacking with a vengence. Two car bombs exploded near the interior ministry building in Baghdad. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside of Shiite mosques in Khanekin, Iraq. There seems to be and endless supply of resistance to the American occupation.

Meanwhile Republicans of the United States Congress resorted to base comments and name-calling in defense of the war in Iraq. The situation was ignited when Democratic Representative John Murtha called for an exit strategy. Murtha, a decorated career Marine and Viet Nam veteran, was branded a coward by his Republican peers. Murtha serves on the Defense Appropriation Committee and has every right to know when or under what terms President Bush will withdraw troops from Iraq.

Murtha's questioning of the war in Iraq is an act of bravery and I commend him for it. He certainly was aware he would face criticism from Bush supporters. Despite that he decided to walk accross the coals and speak out for our military personnel. It should be noted that Murtha originally supported the war but has had serious concerns about how it was executed.

The behavior of his critics is dishonorable. It's time for them to admit the mistakes!

If you want to experience irony on the World Wide Web google the word "failure" and note the first match. Or if you want to be really depressed click on the title and discover the current cost of the war.

Copyright 2005 by Mark Leon Winegar


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