Friday, November 04, 2005


This is one of the first songs I wrote. It's pretty simple and I don't play it in public but there is some truth to it.

There’s pills to help relax you.
And pills to make you sleep.
Pills to take before making love
And some for aching feet.

Pills to make to you happy and
Pills to make you pee.
Pills for hypertension and
Pills to give you speed.

Pills to help you remember,
Pills to help you forget,
Pills for indigestion, and
Pills to give your pet.

Some pills are illegal
And some you get for free.
You see them in gas stations and
Broadcast on TV.

Pills are all around us.
They’re in your bathroom now.
The pills will soon takeover
‘cause we’ve forgotten how.

Copyright 2003 by Mark Leon Winegar


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem like a very arogant man!

1:12 PM  

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