Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pack Up Your Sorrows

Richard Farina wrote this song and recorded it often with his wife Mimi. I recently purchased an anthology of their music and I'm delighted with it. Richard's work on the mountain dulcimer is inspiring and Mimi is a great guitar picker. This particular song appears on their album Celebrations for a Gray Day and twice on Memories including a recording with Peter Yarrow or Peter, Paul, and Mary. Each recording is unique.

Those of you who aren't guitarist can ignore anything enclosed in [] straight braces. Those a guitar chords. I hope you enjoy the lyrics.

N[C]o use crying, tal[F]king to a stranger,
N[C]aming the sorrows you've s[G]een.[G7]
T[C]oo many sad times, t[F]oo many bad times,
A[C]nd nobody kn[G7]ows what you m[C]ean.

[C]Ah, but if somehow you could p[F]ack up your sorrows,
[C]And give them all to [G]me,
Y[C]ou would lose them, I[F] know how to use them,
G[C]ive them [G7]all to [C]me.

No use rambling, walking in the shadows,
Trailing a wandering star.
No one beside you, no one to hide you,
Nobody knows where you are.


No use gambling, running in the darkness,
Looking for a spirit that's free.
Too many wrong times, too many long times,
Nobody knows what you see.


No use roaming, lying by the roadside,
Seeking a satisfied mind.
Too many highways, too many byways,
And nobody's walking behind.


This song still gives us something to think about after 40 years.

Copyright 2005 by Mark Leon Winegar


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