Saturday, November 05, 2005

The next President of the United States

My choice for the next President of the United States is Dennis Kucinich!

He will be a President who works for Peace. In truth, he was the only Presidential candidate in the 2004 Democratic primaries to take a firm stand against the war in Iraq from its inception. He proposed establishing a Deptartment of Peace as a branch of the federal government. Here is what he recently said on October 27th in response to the death of the 2,000th serviceman in Iraw.

On Tuesday CNN announced that the 2,000th U.S. soldier had been killed in Iraq, sparking vigils Wednesday all across the country. Congressman Kucinich said on the floor of the House Wednesday,

"Madam Speaker, we mark another sad and tragic milestone in the war in Iraq. Two thousand American soldiers have been killed in the war in Iraq.

"We must end this war. How many more of America's finest have to die for this war before we realize that the quagmire in Iraq cannot be solved by military force, and that our occupation is counterproductive?

"Iraq has been a colossal failure of American policy. From the beginning this administration has waged a campaign of misinformation and has continued to deliberately mislead the public and this Congress about the realities on the ground. The truth is that Iraq will never be free and the insurgency will not end until we end our occupation and allow the decisions about the future of Iraq to be made in Baghdad, not Washington.

"As Americans we lament the loss of every American life and every American injury and every Iraqi civilian casualty. We mourn the first casualties as much as the 2,000th casualty.

"Now more than ever, we need to support the troops. Support the troops by bringing them home."

The Homeward Bound resolution, H.J. Res. 55, is now backed by 63 House representatives, including five Republicans. The House joint resolution, originally sponsored by two Democrats (Neil Abercrombie and Dennis Kucinich) and two Republicans (Walter Jones and Ron Paul), gained another Republican cosponsor on October 19, Congressman Gregory Meeks of New York's 6th Congressional district. The other Republican consponsors are John Duncan of Tennessee and Wayne Gilchrist of Maryland.

You can support our troops by asking your representative to support H.J. Res. 55, urging withdrawal of U.S. Armed Forces from Iraq (Homeward Bound). On its introduction June 16, the resolution was referred to the House International Relations and Armed Services committees.

I publicly took a stand for voting against incumbents due to their failure to read the Patriot Act and thier foolish support of George Walker Bush's war in Iraq. The names in red above are incumbents worthy ofconsideration for reelection.

Congressman Kucinich is a man for the people rather than the corporation. He is calling for a windfall profits tax to prevent the oil companies from gouging the public on gas prices. How much tax is he asking for 100%. That would mean no profits by cheating the people!

He is a man of compassion. He's witnessed the fiasco of the Katrina relief effort and believes we can do better. But he's not pointing fingers. He's proposing real changes that will help the government be responsive to the needs of the people. On september 2nd he told Congress;

"Mr. Speaker, this amount of money is only a fraction of what is needed and everyone here knows it. Let it go forward quickly with heart-felt thanks to those who are helping to save lives with necessary food, water, shelter, medical care and security.

"Congress must also demand accountability with the appropriations because until there are basic changes in the direction of this government, this tragedy will multiply to apocalyptic proportions.

"The administration said yesterday no one anticipated the breach of the levees. Did the administration not see or care about the 2001 FEMA warning about the risk of a devastating hurricane hitting the people of New Orleans? Did it not know or care that civil and Army engineers were warning for years about the consequences of failure to strengthen the flood control system? Was it aware or did it care that the very same administration which decries the plight of the people today cut from the budget tens of millions needed for Gulf area flood control projects?

"Countless lives have now been lost throughout the South in the cost of hundreds of billions in ruined homes, businesses and the destruction of entire physical and social infrastructure.

"The President said a couple of hours ago that the Gulf Coast looks like it has been obliterated by a weapon. It has. Indifference is a weapon of mass destruction.

"Our indifferent government is in a crisis of legitimacy. If it continues to ignore its basic responsibilities for the health and economic welfare of the American people, will there ever be enough money to clean up after their indifference?

"As our government continues to squander the human and monetary resources of this country on the war, people are beginning to ask: Is it not time we begin to take care of our people here at home? Is it not time that we rescue our own citizens? Is it not time that we feed our own people? Is it not time that we shelter our own people? Is it not time that we provide physical and economic security for our own people? And is it not time that we stop the oil companies from profiting from this tragedy?

"We have plenty of work to do here at home, and it is time for America to come home and take care of its own people who are drowning in the streets, suffocating in the attics, dying from exposure to the elements, oppressed by poverty and illness, racked with despair by hunger and thirst.

"The time is now to bring back to the United States the 78,000 National Guard troops currently deployed overseas. Many of our troops are already stationed in the wrong Gulf.

"The time is now to bring back to the U.S. the equipment needed to search and rescue for clean up and reclamation.

"The time is now for Federal resources, including closed Army bases, to be used for temporary shelter for those who have been displaced by the hurricane.

"The time is now to plan massive public works with jobs going to the people of the Gulf Coast States to build new levees, bridges, roads, libraries, schools, colleges and universities, and to rebuild all public institutions, including hospitals. Medicare ought to be extended to everyone so every person can get the physical and mental health care they need as a result of the disaster.

"The time is now for the Federal Government to take seriously the research of scientists who have warned for years about the dangers of changes in the global climate, and to prepare other regions of the country for other possible weather disasters until we change our disastrous energy policies.

"The time is now to change our energy policies, to end the domination of oil and fossil fuel, and to invest heavily in alternative energy, including wind and solar, geothermal and biofuels.

"As bad as this catastrophe will prove to be, it is in fact only a warning. Our government must change its direction. It must become involved in making America a better place to live, a place where all may survive and thrive. It must get off the path of war and seek the path of peace, peace with a natural environment, peace with other nations, peace through a just economic system."

These are just a few of the reasons I believe Dennis Kucinich is the only politician in the United States worthy of consideration for the Presidency.

Please research this remarkable man and compare him to the others. I have faith that you'll agree he ought to be working in the Oval Office. Copyright 2005 by Mark Leon Winegar


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