Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why do you weep, Lady Liberty?

Why do you weep, Lady Liberty?

Why do you hide from my eyes?

We can still walk this land freely

though some deny us our rights.

Stand tall and face adversity.

Don’t let them back you down.

Speak loudly for the love of freedom

and always stand your ground.

Talk plainly to your neighbors.

Sing sweetly to your guests.

Speak loudly against the folly of war.

Show everyone you’re still the best.

I wrote this poem before George Walker Bush's invasion of Iraq. It was a time when the President of the United States was moving his aim away from Al Qaida and toward Iraq. The administration's campaign of fear was being thrusted upon the American people. The Patriot Act was being touted as the savior of democracy. The heady wine of neo-conservative facist nationalism had intoxicated the population. Those who had eyes to see were blinded by their tears. It was the saddest time for the nation I had ever experienced. This poem came out of that despair.

Copyright 2003 by Mark Leon Winegar

First published in the Indie Journal


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