Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gun control?

Should the ownership of guns be controlled in the United States of America? Hell yes!

It's true. "Guns don't kill people, people do." But guns make it much easier for people to kill one another. So, they ought to be controlled.

First, certain types of weapons should be banned due to their very nature. This would include handguns and assault weapons. And certain people, such as convicted felons, should be prohibited from owning guns at all. Guns should be certified to be in good working condition at the point of sale. This would help prevent injuries due to malfunctioning parts. Finally, every gun should be registered with the local authorities.

Don't worry hunters. I would never suggest infringing on your right to have guns for hunting purposes. You need to be able to purchase shotguns for short-range hunting and rifles for long-range hunting. You can also hunt with a bow if you want a little sport in your hunt. I personally don't hunt anymore but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to. But your guns should be registered and inspected for safe operation.

Now you don't need an assault weapon to hunt. You also don't need handguns for hunting. Unless of course you intend to hunt man and that is illegal. So, you still don't need it and you shouldn't have it.

Some enthusiasts argue that an assault weapon isn't as powerful as some rifles. So what? They can still kill and you still don't need to own one. Which gun is most powerful is irrelevant.

Our government allows the sale of assualt weapons despite the fact that there is not a demonstratable need for anyone to own one. They talk tough on crime but don't believe it. They'll cave in as soon as the gun lobbyist come to town. Why should you care? Because it's your families that are endangered by these weapons.

Won't you click on the title to find out how you can help outlaw these most dangerous weapons once again?

Copyright 2005 by Mark Leon Winegar


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