Monday, September 19, 2005


My friends Dennis and Bruce went on a little road trip with me to Lyons, Colorado for the Rockygrass bluegrass festival. Wow! We had the time of our lives.

I'd never been to Colorado before and I was enchanted by the Rocky Mountains. The bluegrass was great too! I'd been looking forward to hearing Tim O'Brien again. I had met him briefly at a festival in South Dakota but that was before I had really listened to his music. Dennis turned me on to O'Brien's Red on Blonde album and I was hooked.

We had such a good time that we wrote this little song when we got back.

Yes, we went to Colorado
to hear some fiddle tunes.
And to see the Rock Mountains
reaching for the moon.

We stopped and bought two bottles
of our old friend Jack.
When we got camped down for the night
we tipped them bottles back.

There was bluegrass all around us
sounding sweet and low.
A neighbor came into our camp
pickin’ on his old banjo.

We talked of old John Denver
and Rocky Mountain highs.
When I looked up in the night
there was fire in the sky.

Festivites in the mornin’
along a babbling stream.
People dancing in the sun
to hear O’Brien sing.

We came upon some old friends,
wanderers from our town.
Mike and Patty took us in
and set our bodies down.

Patty passed some cookies,
“Won’t you have some, please?”
She baked them cookies special
just to help us poor boys dream.

Bake them cookies, Patty.
Bake ‘em good and brown.
As soon as we can get away
we’re Colorado bound.
©2003 Mark Winegar


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